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Hardfacing consumables

VAUTID deposition welding materials, the fast and efficient onsite wear problem solution

Many different wear problems can be solved efficiently and quickly onsite with VAUTID deposition welding materials. Our trained technicians are also available for customers to carry out such welding jobs at  site. Each VAUTID alloy is engineered with over 60 years of hardsurfacing experience by a team of highly qualified metallurgists. All know-how pertaining to different base material welding procedures are well documented and available for customers.


VAUTID deposition welding materials are available in many different material specifications:

  • Hardfacing
  • Repair and buffering
  • Stainless steels
  • Dissimilar steel joining


Iron based, cobalt based and nickel based hardfacing materials are available in four broad categories:

  • Primary chromium carbide series with added complex carbides/borides (V, Nb, W, Mo, B etc.)
  • Fused or super-hard spherical tungsten carbide
  • Complex titanium carbide impact resistant alloys and work hardening / buffering / stainless alloys.
  • VAUTID Everlast series incorporating nano-crystalline materials for unparalleled performance.


Materials are available in the following forms:

  • Special stick electrodes
  • High deposition flux-cored wires
  • High grade metal powders
  • Welding ropes
  • Tubular rods etc.