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Composite wearplates

VAUTID composite wearplates for reliable, all-purpose wear protection

VAUTID composite wearplates consist of a steel backing plate on which a very hard wear-resistant alloy is deposited using a unique VAUTID welding process. This hard alloy may contain chromium carbides, complex carbides, tungsten carbides and/or metal borides of extreme hardnesses depending on the application conditions and expected service life. Hard coatings from 0.5 mm upto 15 mm are easily achievable, though most common are the 3mm to 8 mm thickness range. Backing plate can be plain carbon steels, fine-grained steels, hardened steels, stainless steels etc.




Specially designed fully computerized CNC welding machines are employed to achieve these high quality deposits in a linear, zig-zag, spiral or any other weld bead pattern. Special properties of the hard overlay along with ductile backing substrate allow these plates to be formed and fabricated into complex shapes and geometries. These plates can be easily cut using plasma, laser, waterjet or abrasive saw processes. Conventional oxy-fuel cutting is not possible because of the very high chromium content in these plates.



VAUTID wearplates should not be compared with sheets coated using conventional hardfacing techniques such as flux-cored wire welding, submerged arc welding etc. Our wearplates are manufactured using proprietary “VAUTID Metal-Arc” process which is still today, one of the only rare techniques of obtaining very hard, dense, closely packed primary carbides from top to bottom of the hardfacing deposit. It is this unique property that ensures the superior performance of VAUTID wearplates as compared to all competitors worldwide.


Typical applications:

Typical applications include protection of large surface areas which are under high mechanical load and require great operational reliability. Examples include: screens, hopper linings, vibration conveyors, fan impellers, casings, mixers, cyclone separators, and sifters.