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    The inventors of hardfacing and global leaders in wear-protection since more than 65 years. Sophisticated German-engineered welding and casting products have solved wear problems across all Industries and Continents.

  • Technogenia

    Specialists in spherical tungsten carbide products, laser cladding, technocasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

It might sound paradoxical but cracks in high-hardness hardfaced layers are really a quality mark. What is catastrophic in joint welding, is extremely desirable in such hardfacing deposits. The cracks are formed as a result of differential thermal expansion and they ensure that the stresses are relieved in the process. Contact us for additional technical details on this important phenomena.

Care has to be taken that there is no contact between joint welding and hardfacing. This is mainly because most hardfacing deposits have 3-5% carbon, which will immediately cause the joint to crack. Alternatively, VAUTID 30/9 type of consumables can be used which do not allow carbon intake.

The difference lies in the micro-hardness of various carbides formed. Higher the hardness, better is the wear-resistance. This is the primary reason why two different alloys with same bulk hardness (for eg. 58-62 HRC) have completely different wear rates.