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    The inventors of hardfacing and global leaders in wear-protection since more than 65 years. Sophisticated German-engineered welding and casting products have solved wear problems across all Industries and Continents.

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    Specialists in spherical tungsten carbide products, laser cladding, technocasting.

The story of wear-protection was written by VAUTID

The founder of VAUTID GmbH (formerly VAUTID-Verschleiss-Technik), Dr.-Ing. Hans Wahl studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart. In 1924, he took up his first position in the chemical industry where he was involved in the development of anti-knock agents for truck engines. Abrasion became part of his professional life in 1934, when he was assigned to the development of a coal dust engine. He brought the engine to a state of effective operation, but wear, caused by the abrasive nature of the coal dust, serverely limited its service life. This stopped its commercial development.


During the development of the coal dust engine he gained considerable knowledge of the factors of wear resistance. This knowledge became the plattform for the establishment in 1945 of Verschleiss-Technik, a business dedicated to the provision of solutions to wear resistance problems.


Over the course of the next 30 years, a modest engineering office developed into a successful consultancy and manufacturing company for wear protection products and services.

In 1971, Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Wahl took over the management of the VAUTID companies from his father. The VAUTID company has developed into a globally operating VAUTID Group under the leadership of Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Wahl.


The VAUTID Group product spectrum ranges from deposition welding materials through prefabricated composite wear plates to wear-resistant cast products. With this product portfolio, the VAUTID Group is today the leading company for products and services for wear protection. In 2007, the VAUTID Group employs almost 500, and operates on every continent.